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This is what people do when they wake up and realize they have invested money with banks and asset managers funding the fossil fuel industry—which is of course fueling climate chaos. And so, in order to save their children and grandchildren from being robbed of a liveable planet, earthlings decide to act wisely before it is simply TOO LATE, and now put their money places that help save the future instead.

The top four banks that invest most heavily in fossil fuel projects are all based in the U.S., and include JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America. BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, and is THE biggest investor in coal. Not only is it morally risky, it’s economically risky to invest in fossil fuels! Divest now.




In a Move That Could Be Catastrophic

for the Climate, Trump’s EPA Rolls

Back Methane Regulations

Phil McKenna  |  AUG 13, 2020

“We are effectively telling the rest of the world we don’t care about climate change.”

~Rob Jackson, Earth System Science professor, Stanford University.


The People Killed the Pipelines

By Nick Martin /July 6, 2020

The Dakota Access and Atlantic Coast pipelines fell because community members fought for their right to a safe, pollutant-free home. These communities all held conversations about whether the money was worth the potential of long-term poisoning.


[Editor’s note: This is such GREAT news! Keep in mind it took at least 5 years of fighting

to finally win the battle over the ACP. So fasten your seatbelts pardners, take heart and

let’s keep up the good fight against the Permian Highway Pipeline.]

How Anti-Pipeline Protesters Made the Fossil Fuel Industry

Face Economic Reality

Kate Aronoff  

Energy companies have abandoned the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Just take Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette’s word for it. “The well-funded, obstructionist environmental lobby has successfully killed the Atlantic Coast Pipeline,” Brouillette wrote in a press statement Sunday, adding that the project is “no longer economically viable due to the costly legal battles they would continue to face.”


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