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France’s ‘Engie’ pulls out of talks for Rio Grande LNG import deal with NextDecade company

London — France’s Engie said Nov. 3 it has halted talks over a potential long-term supply agreement with US LNG developer NextDecade, with the French company having come under pressure not to import LNG produced from shale gas.

Engie in late October said it needed more time to consider any future agreement with NextDecade after it was reported that the French government and environmentalists were putting pressure on the partly state-owned company not to agree to the deal because it did not conform to French climate change goals.

“The rejection of this contract by the government and Engie is a new explicit recognition of the climatic, environmental and social ravages of shale gas,” campaigner Lorette Philippot said in comments to Platts. At the same time, Société Générale continues to defend its association with this dirty industry at all costs. It is time for the bank to stop denying the facts and put an end to its support to Rio Grande LNG, as well as any new investment in the sector,” said Lorette Philippot, Private Finance Campaigner with Friends of the Earth France.

“We expect France to pursue a consistent policy of zero tolerance for unconventional hydrocarbons,” Philippot said. “This requires refusing to import and consume shale oil and gas, just as we refused to produce it nearly a decade ago.”

COMMENTS from  BEKAH HINOJOSA: “No matter how hard the fossil fuel industry and their Republican allies in Congress push to get this dirty fracked gas export facility built, the fact is that no one wants to buy what they’re selling,” said Sierra Club campaign representative Rebekah Hinojosa. “Local residents have known for years that Rio Grande LNG would be a disaster for our communities and the climate, and this latest setback should make it more obvious than ever that this dirty facility should never be built.”

[Ed. note: Visit Action-Center for ways YOU can help stop this LNG!]



Peak Gas Is Coming to the U.S. Sooner Than Anyone Expected

By Naureen Malik, Brian Eckhouse, Dave Merrill
and Jeremy C.F. Lin  ||  October 22, 2020

 Wind and solar power are the cheapest form of  new electricity in most of the world today.

Renewables could take over as the No. 1 power source on the grid as soon as 2028…

https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2020-natural-gas-demand-peak/?srnd=green&utm_source=Energy+News+Network+daily+email+digests&utm  _campaign=fe8a55434dEMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_05_11_11_46_COPY_ 01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_724b1f01f5-fe8a55434d-89268663

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