About Us

Clean Energy Now Texas (CENT) was formed in Jan. 2019 in response to the news that fossil fuel infrastructure was threatening to invade our peaceful, pristine community in the Texas Hill Country outside Austin. Our first project had reared its ugly head. And we all agreed on one basic approach to fighting this pipeline monster:

Not Here—Not Anywhere

With NO state oversight as to the routing of the Permian Highway Pipeline, Kinder Morgan (KM)—the largest pipeline builder in North America—has chosen to route their 42″ diameter, dirty fracked gas pipeline through the Texas Hill Country and over two recharge zones for the Trinity and Edwards aquifers. More than 1.5 million Texans from Austin to San Antonio rely on these aquifers for their sole source of water. The karst nature of the geology in the area renders the pure water we rely on to sustain all life extremely vulnerable to “forever” contamination by a LEAKING, EXPLODING GAS PIPELINE. Something is SURELY rotten in the state of Texas for this to be allowed to happen.

KM contractors have already spilled 36 THOUSAND gallons of drilling fluid into the aquifer, while drilling under the Blanco River. Several local residential wells were contaminated with multiple carcinogenic substances. A worst nightmare come true.

When asked why on earth choose such a sensitive area to lay a risky, typically leaking and exploding fossil fuel pipeline (for export only and for private gain) the KM response was “because we can“. Wow. The former Enron executives are indeed still at it.

There are many more O&G pipelines proposed in Texas as of this writing (August 2020). Needless to say, we’d rather devote all our efforts to the positive, life-affirming GREEN REVOLUTION with a swift and just transition to clean, renewable energy. The time of OIL and GAS is up. We need an international, cooperative, equitable and courageous effort to maintain our planetary home for generations to come.<

So for now, our attention is mostly focused on the greedy and heinous “business as usual” m.o. of the fossil fuel industry—with its insatiable thirst for profits, and incessant pumping of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, while the planet careens toward self-destruction in this unprecedented Climate Emergency.

We need your help.

It’s all hands on deck! Please join the movement. You can start by visiting the Action Center on our website. Please sign the No PHP petition, email, call and tweet the (misnamed) Railroad Commission of Texas, aka the RRC, and tell them to stop the venting and flaring of gas at oil wells, and publish a plan for a swift, just transition away from fossil fuels to a 100% renewable energy future by 2030.

Thank you!